O’Neill backs up his lies with extreme violence

Further to my media release this morning exposing the appalling lies being spread by the Prime Minister, I now report that he is backing them up with violence. Shortly after I released my public statement, Peter O’Neill’s armed goons attacked my aides at Port Moresby airport and damaged my vehicle. These thugs, including heavily armed Mobile Squad policemen, are the same ones who, with the failed PNC candidate for Oro, tried to kidnap the Ijivitari Member-elect on 27 July. The policemen were supervised by Mr O’Neill’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Oscar Yamuna. I condemn this behaviour in the strongest terms. I advise people to avoid areas such as the airport and hotels where Mr O’Neill’s armed goo

Sir Mekere slams PNC propaganda

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today called on the Member-elect for Ialibu-Pangia to cease his personal attacks and focus on policies for the formation of Government. “Peter O’Neill cannot help himself, it appears,” Sir Mekere said. “His personal hatred and malice towards anyone who dares to expose his shortcomings seem to override the responsibilities he has to the nation as a potential Prime Minister. “The PNC Leader should focus on policies and the interest of Papua New Guinea instead of me and other responsible leaders. His petty personal vendettas are not winning him any friends, judging by the ridicule and contempt they are attracting on the street and in social media.” Mr O’

Independents with Sir Mekere

Another successful independent candidate has aligned with former Prime Minister and Moresby North-West MP-elect, Sir Mekere Morauta. South Fly MP-elect Sekie Agisa is the third independent Member to link with with Sir Mekere with the aim of playing a leading role in the election of Prime Minister and formation of a new government. Papua New Guinea’s first airbus pilot and Rigo MP-elect, Captain Lekwa Gure, was the first to align with Sir Mekere, followed by leading businessman and Central Governor-elect Robert Agarobe. Sir Mekere is urging like-minded independent MPs-elect to work together and with other political parties and groups to prevent Mr Peter O’Neill from being elected Prime Minist

Sir Mekere welcomes extension of deadline for return of writs

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court to grant an extension to 2pm on Monday for the return of writs. “The successful application by the Ombudsman Commission provides welcome relief from the election chaos, mismanagement and manipulation orchestrated by Mr Peter O’Neill and the Electoral Commission,” he said. “The extension means many more seats can be declared and writs returned before Parliament sits. “Only 80 writs out of a possible 111 had been returned at the time the Ombudsman Commission made its application for an extension.” As of this morning, there have been a further 18 declarations and counting is continuing in 13 other electora

Double Declaration of Moresby North-West Seat

Former Prime Minister and Member-Elect for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, today denounced the actions of the absentee Returning Officer for Moresby-North West, Mr Moka Havera, in fraudulently declaring the candidate who came third in the election, Mr Joseph Tonde. Sir Mekere said he had seen an EMTV video and a report of the event which apparently took place in Room 202 of the Airways Hotel. “This makes a complete mockery of the electoral process,” he said. “At the end of counting, I was called to come to the Rita Flynn Centre for the declaration. I arrived to find that the RO was missing. This was reported to the Electoral Commission by the Metropolitan Superintendent for Police.

Declaration of Moresby North-West

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today thanked the voters of Moresby North-West for electing him as their representative in the national Parliament. He said he was pleasantly surprised that the extent and depth of the support base he had enjoyed between 1997 and 2012 was still very much intact. He was especially delighted by the support he received this time from new young voters. “I want to thank the many hundreds of coordinators who without any reward have arranged big events and small events in the five wards of the electorate during the campaign, and walked all around the electorate with me talking to people,” he said. “I was struck by the degree of voter awareness of the issues

Suspicious declaration of Hela Provincial seat

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today the circumstances surrounding the declaration of the Hela Provincial seat to the PNC candidate seemed highly suspicious. He said it clearly demonstrated the extent of rigging and manipulation of the election. “It would seem that Francis Potape was robbed of victory,” he said. “I have received reports from independent parties present in the counting room that at the end of the count, around 3 pm on Monday afternoon, Mr Potape reached the required majority. “The figures were posted on the board for all to see. Instead of proceeding to declare the seat, the returning officer sent scrutineers out of the room and unilaterally conducted so-called

Joint statement on formation of Government

The parties in the group known as The Alliance preparing to form the next Government are National Alliance, Pangu and PPP as the major players, and a number of other parties – National Party, PNG Party, CRP, Melanesian Liberal Party, Melanesian Alliance, New Generation, Peoples Movement for Change, THE Party, PNG First, and Independents. The leaders of the parties and Independents have agreed to work together to provide a strong force to work with the major parties. The Leader of Pangu, Sam Basil, met with Sir Mekere Morauta and Kerenga Kua in Port Moresby at the weekend to discuss the camping arrangements for their groups. Similar discussions are being held between the leaders and the Natio

Return of Writs

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato must not cook up an undemocratic, unfair and unrepresentative sitting of Parliament by selective and staggered return of writs and candidate declarations, former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today. He has promised a free and fair election, and he must live up to his promise at least in the final stages. “Every step up to now has been compromised and manipulated to attain one particular outcome – the election of a PNC Prime Minister and Government,” Sir Mekere said. “People have seen through all the tricks used by PNC and Mr Gamato and people will not tolerate more of the same.” The Electoral Commission and the former PNC Government have engine

O’Neill should come clean on drug supply contract

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today that the award of the contract for the supply of medical kits for health centres and aid posts to Borneo Pacific required explanation from the Member-elect for Ialibu-Pangia, Peter O’Neill. “When did NEC approve this contract and advise the Governor-General to sign it,” Sir Mekere asked. “Is it really only for one year? Was it price-competitive?” He said the Health Secretary, Mr Pascoe Kase, had stated that the contract had been awarded for one year but was “subject to be renewed”. Sir Mekere asked: “What are the criteria for renewal? Will there be a new tender for the period beyond July 2018? The Secretary’s statement is not clear. “Th

Isolate PNC

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today urged all newly-elected independent Members of Parliament to join the Independent Team or friendly parties in Opposition, but not PNC. “Peter O’Neill and PNC have tried every possible trick to rig the election,” he said. “Despite this, Opposition candidates have made strong gains – witness the sweep Pangu is making in Morobe, while other Opposition parties and Independents are leading in most seats. “These MPs-elect have fought strong campaigns against the odds and won. PNC is out-numbered 2-1 in the declarations so far. Opposition parties have joined together to provide a very clear alternative to Peter O’Neill. “But the fight is not over yet.

What is PNG coming to?

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today that the court action taken by the Electoral Commissioner to restrain comment from well-known blogger Martyn Namorong was ridiculous. “Is Mr Gamato so thin-skinned? I have never seen anything written by Martyn that could be called offensive. Humorous, yes. To the point, also yes. That’s why Martyn’s tweets and quips are so popular,” Sir Mekere said. “We would all just be calling Mr Gamato’s action a joke, if it did not signify something far more sinister - another example of attempts to suppress freedom of speech by the O’Neill regime. “Surely Mr Gamato has more important things to do and better ways of spending state resources – like havin

Resignation of Election Advisory Committee confirms public’s worst fears about election

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today that the resignation of the Election Advisory Committee sent a loud and clear signal that the conduct of the election had been highjacked by Peter O’Neill, Isaac Lupari, the Electoral Commissioner, ably assisted by the Police Commissioner, the Defence Force Commander and the Secretary for Finance. Sir Mekere said that the resignation of the EAC was a very clear statement to the nation about the failure of the 2017 election. “The members of the EAC, Ombudsman Richard Pagen, Richard Kassman and Professor John Luluaki, are all extremely capable men of high integrity,” he said. “They will not have taken the decision to resign lightly. They have

Questions about Highlands election helicopter contract

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today called on the Central Supply and Tenders Board, the O’Neill Government and the Electoral Commission to explain the processes used to award the Highlands Region helicopter contract for the transport of election material and personnel. The contract, awarded to Heli Solutions Ltd, is said to be for approximately K19 million. The company did not bid for the contract, but won it on advice from “a higher power”, one CSTB official said. The Electoral Commission is said to have already paid the company K4 million, with the contract balance still outstanding. CSTB documents show that two companies made bids for the contract, Pacific Helicopters at K7.2 m

Gamato must not declare Ialibu-Pangia first

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato must not further undermine the integrity of the national election by declaring Ialibu-Pangia ahead of other seats. Doing so would send a clear signal to Papua New Guineans that the manipulation of the election is continuing with one aim in mind – the formation of a PNC-led Government. The declaration of Ialibu-Pangia first in the 2012 election undoubtedly gave an advantage to PNC candidates in seats where voting was continuing. There must not be a repeat. Ialibu-Pangia at the very least should not be declared before counting ends in other Southern Highlands seats. Mr Gamato, the Election Steering Committee head Mr Isaac Lupari, and the Prime Minister ha


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