Notes for a Speech in Parliament by Rt Hon Mekere Morauta KCMG MP, Member for Moresby North-West and former Prime Minister, on the election of Prime Minister James Marape MP 30 May 2019 Prime Minister Marape, sincere congratulations. Your overwhelming win reminds me of the time twenty years ago when I was elected Prime Minister on the floor of this House. People of Papua New Guinea, today we have a new Prime Minister. But we do not have a new Government. Prime Minister, you could have been Prime Minister of a new Government, had you stayed with the Laguna camp. But you chose to return to the old government, the very government you said you had lost faith in. The people of Papua New Guinea wa

O’Neill cheating public servants out of their wages

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill continues to cheat public servants out of their pay and entitlements – he has still not paid the workers the wage rises they were awarded in 2017 or the full superannuation amount owing to all those who retired between January 1 2016 and December 31 2017. “Instead Mr O’Neill uses workers’ money to build roads to nowhere and self-glorifying hotels and convention centres in Port Moresby,” the Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, said today. “Public servants are owed hundreds of millions of kina, but you can bet that Mr O’Neill and his cronies are being paid every toea that they claim is owed to them. Under Mr O’Neill, there is one rule for the rich an

O’Neill approves secret K1.1 billion deal for Kumul Petroleum

Secret Kumul Petroleum documents reveal that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has approved company plans for a headquarters building worth almost K1.1 billion to be built in Port Moresby. “This is a scandalous waste of money that should be going to consolidated revenue to help pay for essential services such as health and education,” Sir Mekere said. “Mr O’Neill, as sole trustee for the Kumul Group, ought to be ashamed of himself for approving this while the nation is crumbling around him.“At this time of economic and financial crisis, the last thing PNG needs is more wasteful expenditure on monuments to the Prime Minister in Port Moresby. "Mr O’Neill should immediately cancel his plans and

O’Neill puts his political survival before the needs of rural people

The Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, today warned of a looming development crisis in most provinces because of the failure of District Development Authorities to function as intended. “They were meant to bring development decisions and implementation down to the district level,” he said, “but they have done no such thing. In fact they impeding development because of uneccessary duplication of effort, conflicts of interest, a crippling lack of capacity, and rampant political interference. “Governors and Provincial Governments are the big losers from Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s introduction of DDAs in 2014. After four years in operation, DDAs in most districts are not work

Sir Mekere slams PM O’Neill over Sovereign Wealth Fund

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s failure to set up a Sovereign Wealth Fund, leaving national revenue flows to be plundered and wasted, means any recovery plan by an incoming government will take years to implement because of a lack of money. No money has ever flowed into the proposed SWF – in fact it has not even been constituted and does not have a board of directors despite all the trumpeting by Mr O’Neill and his accomplices. There is no SWF with any money or any assets – it is toktok tasol. “If the SWF had been set up, as proposed by me in 2011 and legislated in 2012, an incoming government would have a powerful tool to help with the rebuilding necessary after seven years of economic and f

Doubt expressed about value and viability of Elk-Antelope gasfield

The secrecy and haste surrounding Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s approval of the Gas Agreement for the Papua LNG project may be hiding a multi-billion kina problem for Papua New Guinea – the value and viability of the Elk-Antelope gasfield that underpins the project. A report available in the Department of Petroleum suggests that the field has five major problems: the gas may not be anywhere near as extensive as first thought, nor as easily extractable, there is a high water content, the gas is of low quality, requiring expensive treatment, and the geology of the field is suspect. “Mr O’Neill’s haste and secrecy, and his sidelining of the State Negotiating Team and the Department of Petroleu

More deficiencies of O’Neill’s Papua LNG Agreement

The Gas Agreement for the Papua LNG project initialled by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill fails to meet the requirements of his Government’s Natural Gas Policy and National Energy Policy and relevant laws in relation to the supply of project gas for use in Papua New Guinea. This is yet another failure of the agreement, negotiated by Peter O’Neill and his shadowy cronies after they sidelined the State Negotiating Team, the Department of Petroleum and other national experts. “It is clear that Mr O’Neill has breached his own policies and in doing so has trashed attempts to develop a domestic gas industry and to support other sectors of the economy through the availability of cheap domestic gas,” t


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