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Joint statement on formation of Government

The parties in the group known as The Alliance preparing to form the next Government are National Alliance, Pangu and PPP as the major players, and a number of other parties – National Party, PNG Party, CRP, Melanesian Liberal Party, Melanesian Alliance, New Generation, Peoples Movement for Change, THE Party, PNG First, and Independents.

The leaders of the parties and Independents have agreed to work together to provide a strong force to work with the major parties.

The Leader of Pangu, Sam Basil, met with Sir Mekere Morauta and Kerenga Kua in Port Moresby at the weekend to discuss the camping arrangements for their groups.

Similar discussions are being held between the leaders and the National Alliance and PPP.

The smaller group of parties and Independents combined expect to contribute over 20 members to The Alliance.

With that number, The Alliance is ready to form the next Government, and welcomes any other parties to join.


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