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Declaration of Moresby North-West

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today thanked the voters of Moresby North-West for electing him as their representative in the national Parliament.

He said he was pleasantly surprised that the extent and depth of the support base he had enjoyed between 1997 and 2012 was still very much intact. He was especially delighted by the support he received this time from new young voters.

“I want to thank the many hundreds of coordinators who without any reward have arranged big events and small events in the five wards of the electorate during the campaign, and walked all around the electorate with me talking to people,” he said.

“I was struck by the degree of voter awareness of the issues facing the nation and how voters articulated their views on these issues. I was also struck by how very little development has taken place in communities in the electorate in the last five years. This is clearly reflected in the low voter support for the outgoing Member.

“Port Moresby might have 8-star hotels, 4-lane highways and posh conference centres, but the condition of basic services and infrastructure in the suburbs and settlements has deteriorated.

“Parliament is likely to sit next week, and I want to reassure Moresby North-West Voters that I will immediately do all in my power to begin the national reform and reconstruction program that I have promised during the election campaign.

“In the meantime I and colleague leaders have formed a group - The Alliance – for the formation of Government. We are the Government-in Waiting.

“Our sole aim will be to ensure the election of a moral government that will weed out corruption and run the country openly, honestly and competently for the benefit of all Papua New Guineans now and for future generations.

“By acting together the members of The Alliance can bring that about.”

Sir Mekere said Papua New Guinea had clearly rejected Mr O’Neill and PNC, and has demanded change by speaking through the ballot box.

The challenges facing the new Government were enormous and complex.

“The nation is in crisis after five years of Mr O’Neill’s mismanagement,” Sir Mekere said. “Papua New Guinea cannot afford another five years of Mr O’Neill. The objective of all independent candidates and other parties must be to isolate him and his band of disciples and business associates.

“Papua New Guinea is at the point of no return. It is now or never for national reform and reconstruction.”


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