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Independents with Sir Mekere

Another successful independent candidate has aligned with former Prime Minister and Moresby North-West MP-elect, Sir Mekere Morauta.

South Fly MP-elect Sekie Agisa is the third independent Member to link with with Sir Mekere with the aim of playing a leading role in the election of Prime Minister and formation of a new government.

Papua New Guinea’s first airbus pilot and Rigo MP-elect, Captain Lekwa Gure, was the first to align with Sir Mekere, followed by leading businessman and Central Governor-elect Robert Agarobe.

Sir Mekere is urging like-minded independent MPs-elect to work together and with other political parties and groups to prevent Mr Peter O’Neill from being elected Prime Minister for another term.

He says that as independents, they have the flexibility to decide at the right moment to join a political group that will lead in the formation of a new government.

“Independents should remain independent to maintain flexibility and move at the right time rather than committing themselves too early only to find that they have made the wrong choice later on,” he said.

“As a group, independents have greater bargaining power than individuals trying to strike deals for themselves on their own.”

Sir Mekere is confident that anti-O’Neill MPs and parties have the numbers to form Government.

Caption: Sekie Agisa, left, Robert Agarobe and Sir Mekere


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