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O’Neill backs up his lies with extreme violence

Further to my media release this morning exposing the appalling lies being spread by the Prime Minister, I now report that he is backing them up with violence.

Shortly after I released my public statement, Peter O’Neill’s armed goons attacked my aides at Port Moresby airport and damaged my vehicle.

These thugs, including heavily armed Mobile Squad policemen, are the same ones who, with the failed PNC candidate for Oro, tried to kidnap the Ijivitari Member-elect on 27 July. The policemen were supervised by Mr O’Neill’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Oscar Yamuna.

I condemn this behaviour in the strongest terms.

I advise people to avoid areas such as the airport and hotels where Mr O’Neill’s armed goons are likely to be – there is a very real risk of more extreme violence against peaceful members of the public, including the use of firearms and rogue policemen as occurred in Wabag and Kundiawa.

I want however to commend the Airport Police, who stepped in and restored order when they realized what had happened.

Mr O’Neill should also stop his pathetic propaganda. No-one believes him, as can be seen from the ridicule and contempt his words are greeted with in the street and on social media.

The latest, that there is disunity in The Alliance camp, is nonsense. The Alliance will collectively, with their conscience and own free will, select their nominee for Prime Minister. That has not occurred yet.

There is no disunity.

We are not being held captive, as is the case at the Alotau Concentration Camp. We come and go as we like, we speak freely, we act as equals, and we make up our own minds about what is good for the country and all Papua New Guineans.


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