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Sir Mekere slams PNC propaganda

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today called on the Member-elect for Ialibu-Pangia to cease his personal attacks and focus on policies for the formation of Government.

“Peter O’Neill cannot help himself, it appears,” Sir Mekere said. “His personal hatred and malice towards anyone who dares to expose his shortcomings seem to override the responsibilities he has to the nation as a potential Prime Minister.

“The PNC Leader should focus on policies and the interest of Papua New Guinea instead of me and other responsible leaders. His petty personal vendettas are not winning him any friends, judging by the ridicule and contempt they are attracting on the street and in social media.”

Mr O’Neill’s latest attack, an accusation that Sir Mekere is flying round the country with bags of money to kidnap Members-elect is a case in point.

Sir Mekere said he was at Daru at the invitation of the Member-elect for South Fly.

“He asked me to come to Daru,” he said. “The Member-elect came willingly, like all of the people who have joined with the Alliance to oppose Mr O’Neill. He did not ask for money or for a position. He came to our group because he knows it is the right thing to do for the nation.”

Sir Mekere said Mr O’Neill’s habit of projecting his own motives and behaviour onto others is disturbing.

“Most politicians do not go around with armed officers kidnapping Members at gunpoint,” he said.

“They do not use supporters to attack police with military-grade weapons. They do not accumulate hundreds of millions of kina to bribe candidates and polling officials.

“Most politicians are essentially good people with good intentions for the nation; they do not seek high office for personal gain and personal power. It is just a handful whose world view is malignant and malicious.

“I and my independent colleagues, along with those in the Kokopo camp, will continue to work for the long-term good of Papua New Guinea by forming an honest, ethical and competent government.”


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