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APEC Bentleys bought through controversial Borneo Pacific drug company

APEC Authority documents reveal that the K2.3 million purchase of three super-luxury Bentleys for the Prime Minister, APEC Minister and others was carried out through the Malaysian medical supplies company Borneo Pacific.

An invoice for the cars sent to APEC Authority CEO Christopher Hawkins comes from South Pacific Ventures of Kuala Lumpur, which describes itself as a business consultancy and health services provider in PNG.

Borneo Pacific and SPV are both controlled by a Malaysian family which is close to the Prime Minister, Mr Peter O’Neill, and other senior politicians, businessmen and public servants. The family has extensive octopus-like business interests in PNG, and is currently rumored to be starting a brewery in partnership with the Prime Minister.

Borneo Pacific has been criticised for the provision of over-priced medical supplies and faulty medicines, and hitches in its supply chain. It has attracted widespread criticism, including from the Australian Government, for its failings.

The Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, says the deal shows the contempt the O’Neill Government and the APEC Authority have for proper process if it did not go through an open and competitive tender as required by the APEC Authority Act.

“Neither the Prime Minister, APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko nor Mr Hawkins have been able to provide evidence that the APEC luxury car deals, now worth over K32 million and counting, are legitimate,” he said.

“There is nothing to show that these dubious deals went through the proper process, including scrutiny by the supposed APEC Authority Probity Auditor.”

The cars are due to arrive in Port Moresby this month by sea freight. Photo by Ben Packham, the Australian


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