Proposed loan is not the answer

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today the O’Neill Government’s proposed $US300 million (K1 billion) International Finance Corporation borrowing was a smoke-screen and would do little to solve the country’s economic and financial problems. “I am surprised that the IFC would even consider such a loan,” he said. “The Prime Minister cannot borrow his way out of the problems he has created. “The budgetary and financial problems the country is facing will not be cured by band-aids such as this. In fact it will only make matters worse.” Sir Mekere said the Prime Minister’s justification for the loan is a lack of foreign exchange, which is crippling business and commerce and leading to

Integrity of Office of PM undermined

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today that the integrity of the Office of Prime Minister has been undermined by the actions of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. “Mr O’Neill knows well that the Office of the Prime Minister is not a personal possession,” he said. “It is a Constitutional office, the highest in the land, and it belongs to the people and the State. It does not belong to Peter O’Neill. “It is there to serve the people and the nation; it is not there to serve the interests of the incumbent. “In particular its power should not be used as a weapon to protect the incumbent from due process, or to cause due process to be thwarted. “A shadow has been cast over the Office of th

Court decision a victory for due process

Former Prime Minister Mekere Morauta said today that the Supreme Court decision opening the way for the arrest of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Finance Minister James Marape was a victory for due process. In a unanimous decision Justices Hartshorn, Makail and Sawong rejected an appeal by O’Neill, Marape and others against orders allowing the arrest and questioning of the pair by police and Task Force Sweep. Minister Marape can now be arrested and charged. The Prime Minister can also be arrested and charged on any matters other than the specific matters raised in the Parakagate arrest warrant. “This decision should end all the delaying tactics used by the Prime Minister and Finance Ministe


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