Former PMs join in call for PM to resign

I have joined with my fellow Prime Ministers Sir Michael Somare and Sir Julius Chan, with a message of support from former PM Paias Wingti, to call on Peter O’Neill to resign immediately and submit himself to the due processes of the law. He should do this before Parliament sits on Friday to vote on a motion of no confidence. If Mr O’Neill does not resign, we call on all Members of Parliament to put the nation first by supporting an alternative Prime Minister. Mr O’Neill is not a fit and proper person to hold the office of Prime Minister. We have based our decision on the direct consequences of his Prime Ministership: Social discord and national disunity Waste, corruption and mismanagement,

Why Prime Minister O'Neill must resign

This Statement of Reasons accompanies the media release above, Former PMs join in call for PM to resign. WHY PRIME MINISTER O’NEILL MUST RESIGN STATEMENT OF REASONS Peter O’Neill is not a fit and proper person to hold the office of Prime Minister, for the following reasons: INCREASINGLY BECOMING AUTOCRATIC AND DICTATORIAL Mr O’Neill’s actions and behavior are increasingly becoming those of a dictator. Cabinet decisions are his decisions alone. Parliament is used as a rubber stamp. The judiciary is being undermined. The executive is functioning according to his commands. There is effectively no Budget. The Budget is what he decides from day to day. He decides the allocation to agencies, irre

The Prime Minister’s GDP growth claims are wrong and misleading

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s misleading claims about GDP growth are a smoke-screen to hide the true state of the economy and public finances and his mismanagement of them. When he boasts about 9 percent annual GDP growth, he is both wrong and misleading. Papua New Guinea’s annual GDP growth is not 9 percent per annum, as he says. Nor is GDP growth alone the answer to our problems, as he imagines. People do not eat GDP. We consume the goods and services that we have converted from GDP, and this is what we are lacking. Mr O’Neill inherited strong GDP growth but has failed to convert it into any meaningful level of new goods and services. Instead he has wasted and mismanaged the national deve

Peter O’Neill’s raids on public institutions must stop

Papua New Guinea can no longer afford Peter O’Neill’s raids on public institutions to keep himself in the Prime Minister’s chair. “The cupboard is bare, and everyone knows it,” former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today. “The Prime Minister is a serial raider, but there is nothing left to raid. He has nowhere to go except overseas and borrow at high interest rates.” “Mr O’Neill’s history is littered with the wreckage of his raids – National Provident Fund, Papua New Guinea Banking Corporation, Finance Pacific and Resource and Investment Finance Corporation (RIFL), the Treasury coffers, and State-owned Enterprises,” Sir Mekere said. “He raided PNGSDP by illegally expropriating OTML,

Time for rescue and national leadership change

Today Papua New Guinea is at a turning point. On the one hand we can choose to start afresh with new leadership, new vision and new hope for the future. Or we can continue down an uncertain, slippery road, led by a person who is increasingly behaving like a dictator, with total disregard for the law. As former Prime Ministers we have made our choice, and we ask our fellow Papua New Guineans to join us in rescuing our country. We cannot, through inaction, see our democracy and the institutions that support democracy ruined. The nation’s future is at stake. Today we are declaring that the Prime Minister must stand down, for the good of all Papua New Guineans. Mr O’Neill has brought the natio


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