Supreme Court decision on application for standing

The Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea today rejected my application for the right to challenge the State’s expropriation of PNG Sustainable Development Ltd’s 63.4 percent shareholding in Ok Tedi Mining Ltd. I had sought standing as a private citizen to argue that the expropriation, under the Mining (Ok Tedi Tenth Supplemental Agreement) Act 2013, was unconstitutional and invalid. I am discussing the decision with my lawyers and will make another statement once we have decided on any further action.

PM twisting the truth - AGAIN

MEDIA RELEASE 15 August 2016 Prime Minister twisting the truth - AGAIN Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made a number of statements about PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd and me in Parliament on Wednesday 10 August, which were published in the media. All of them are untrue. The Prime Minister should apologise for misleading Parliament and the public. “It reflects very badly on the Office of the Prime Minister for Mr O’Neill to regularly twist the facts, tell half-truths and make misleading statements designed to deceive the public and justify his actions,” Sir Mekere said. “He fools no-one with his sweet talk. The public knows that the Prime Minister is just trying to justify and cover

Sir Mekere condemns Post-Courier and National reporting and lack of transparency and accountability

Today I wish to express my concern about recent reporting by the National and Post-Courier of events and issues involving me as a private citizen, and the lack of transparency and accountability of both organisations. I recently wrote to the editors of both newspapers asking for an explanation of their reporting, which I regard as unethical, malicious, defamatory and knowingly untruthful. I also asked both editors to print my letter to them. Neither has done so. The editor of the Post-Courier, Mr Todagia Kelola, has offered some explanation of what occurred – he ordered that the story written by Gorethy Kenneth on 20 July not be run because, as he says, it was biased. But it was somehow, mys


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