Sir Mekere writes to Ombudsman Commission and Fraud Squad seeking investigation into APEC

The Member for Moresby North-West and former Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, has written to the Ombudsman Commission and Fraud Squad calling for inquiries into the APEC luxury cars scandal. “Enough public information, gathered by myself and others, is now available to justify high-level investigations into the spending by the Prime Minister, Mr Peter O’Neill, the APEC Minister, Mr Justin Tkatchenko, and the APEC Authority CEO, Mr Christopher Hawkins,” he said. “This information indicates a strong likelihood that the Leadership Code, the Constitution, the Criminal Code and other laws have been broken. “About K33 million in taxpayers’ money appears to have been spent on luxury cars without

Letter to Ombudsman Commission and Fraud Squad seeking inquiry into APEC scams

Mr Michael Dick Chief Superintendent Matthew Damaru Chief Ombudsman OIC National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate Ombudsman Commission of Papua New Guinea Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary PO Box 1831 Port Moresby PO Box 85 Konedobu OCTOBER 25 2018 By Hand I am writing to express my deep concern that the Leadership Code and other laws have been broken in the recent APEC vehicle transactions by the State and the APEC Authority and, in the public interest, to request urgent investigations into t

Journalist’s research exposes O’Neill/Temu drugs deception

Research conducted by prominent TV journalist and blogger Scott Waide has revealed that medical supply claims by Health and HIV-AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu are false and misleading. Mr Waide’s research, conducted during the past week and published during a Facebook Live session on Thursday afternoon, demonstrated conclusively that there is a critical shortage of medicine and other medical supplies across the nation. “Mr Waide’s work proves what we all knew in our hearts – that thousands and thousands of people are dying and suffering because of the O’Neill Government’s corruption, mismanagement and waste in the health sector,” the Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, said today

500 cars procured by APEC in free-for-all

APEC Authority documents show that at least 500 vehicles have been procured by the O’Neill Government for APEC, many of them Land Cruisers and Prados similar in luxury to the Bentleys, Maseratis and Mahindras. “The astonishing total indicates that a free-for-all of greed is taking place under the guise of APEC,” Sir Mekere Morauta, Member for Moresby North-West said today. “Many of them have been claimed by the Prime Minister, the APEC Minister and top APEC Authority officials, who already have vehicles allocated to them as part of their contracts. “Others have gone to Ministers and their outriggers, public servants and the heads of statutory bodies who are also allocated vehicles as part of

APEC Bentleys bought through controversial Borneo Pacific drug company

APEC Authority documents reveal that the K2.3 million purchase of three super-luxury Bentleys for the Prime Minister, APEC Minister and others was carried out through the Malaysian medical supplies company Borneo Pacific. An invoice for the cars sent to APEC Authority CEO Christopher Hawkins comes from South Pacific Ventures of Kuala Lumpur, which describes itself as a business consultancy and health services provider in PNG. Borneo Pacific and SPV are both controlled by a Malaysian family which is close to the Prime Minister, Mr Peter O’Neill, and other senior politicians, businessmen and public servants. The family has extensive octopus-like business interests in PNG, and is currently rumo

PM, Tkatchenko should start telling the truth on APEC car scams

It is time for the Prime Minister and APEC Minister to start telling the truth about the APEC luxury cars scam and other APEC spending, the Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, said this morning. “What we have got so far is half-truths, distortions and contradictions that amount to a cover up of their use of APEC as a money rain scheme and vehicle to divert money for other purposes,” he said. “Two half-truths don’t make a fact.” “I am now hearing that the illegal purchase of 40 luxury Maserati cars is not the end of the story. Peter O’Neill, Justin Tkatchenko and Christopher Hawkins have a lot more explaining to do.” Sir Mekere said he had been told that even more luxurious ca

Sir Mekere calls for inquiry into APEC scams

The Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, today called for a full independent inquiry into government spending on APEC, the behavior of the APEC Authority including the letting of contracts, and the cost to the nation of holding the event. “Over the past few days, with the revelations about the importation of luxury Maserati cars by the APEC Authority, it has become clear that corruption surrounding APEC is out of control,” he said. “We need to get to the bottom of it, and hold the guilty parties to account.” Sir Mekere said the first step should be for the Fraud Squad and the Ombudsman Commission to investigate the Prime Minister, the APEC Minister, and APEC Authority officials

Sir Mekere supports national stop-work

The Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, supports a call for a nation-wide strike this coming Thursday and Friday, in protest at continuing corruption by and within the O’Neill Government. “Astonishing revelations in the last couple of days about the crooked contract to buy luxury Maserati cars for APEC, and then secretly sell them to private sector cronies, is the last straw,” he said this evening. “People are right to be disgusted by the information that is now coming to light, and they are fully entitled to express their opposition to this blatant fraud.” Sir Mekere also called for an independent inquiry into the Maserati fraud, concocted by the APEC Authority and the O’Neil

Is Oil Search the Government’s cash cow?

The Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, said today that very serious stories were circulating involving Oil Search paying Moran landowners K35 million owed to them by the Government to stop the landowners from shutting down the oil wells during the APEC summit, as they had threatened. “I hope these stories are not true,” he said. “But if they are, they confirm that: 1. The Government is bankrupt; and 2. Oil Search has become the cash cow for the O’Neill Government.” Sir Mekere said that not only had Oil Search allegedly offered to pay the landowners the K35 million owed by the Government under the PNG LNG Benefit Sharing Agreement, the Oil Search board had reportedly approved


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