Sir Mekere tells PM to check his facts and questions OTML dividend payments

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today again rebutted the Prime Minister’s claims about PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd and his chairmanship. Sir Mekere referred to an article in the Post Courier of 27 April, which he said was a regurgitation of a media release put out a week ago on the PNC website. “I answered the false allegations he made in a media statement on 23 April; my statement was actually printed by the Post-Courier on 24 April," he said. “Yet he and his media friends persist in repeating false claims.” Sir Mekere said that being an Independent candidate for the election does not make him an “active politician”. “I am like the other 4000-plus private citizens who a

Sir Mekere announces nomination

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today announced that he had nominated as a candidate for the seat of Moresby North-West. “I nominated this morning as an independent candidate,” he said. “My decision is based on widespread public support for me to use my experience and knowledge to help put Papua New Guinea back on track and help form a new Government that will act decisively to implement plans to rescue and rebuild the country. “It appears to me and other like-minded people that there is a strong desire for change in Papua New Guinea and I want to be part of that change. I want my vote in Parliament to be counted. I want to be part of the rescue team to reconstruct and lay the found

Stop personal attacks and discuss national issues, PM

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today he was disappointed that the Prime Minister continues to indulge in personal attacks rather than focus on issues and policies that could rescue the nation from the economic and financial chaos he has created. “Personal attack, especially when it consists of falsehoods and fantasy, is not a substitute for substantive and constructive public discourse,” he said. “I repeat my suggestion to the Prime Minister – that he focus on the things that matter, such as repairing the economy and government finances, refinancing the health and education systems after the massive cuts he has imposed, eradicating corruption, improving the quality of services

PNGSDP willing to help finance LNG landowner equity

The chairman of PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd, Sir Mekere Morauta, said today the company is willing to help provide debt finance to enable wellhead and facilities landowners buy equity in the PNG LNG Project. He said PNGSDP is happy to participate as the PNG-based member of a consortium of overseas financiers to provide a facility totaling K725 million (US$230 million) to allow the landowners to pay the State for their 4.27 per cent interest that was agreed under the Umbrella Benefit Sharing Agreement (UBSA) reached in 2009 between the Somare Government and the landowners. The wellhead and facilities landowners included in the equity holding cover groups within the PNG LNG project

Western Province should fight the Octopus

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today called on Western Province to unite against the latest attempts by the O’Neill Government to take political control of funds and other assets belonging to the province. “The proposal to appoint another Provincial Administrator a few short weeks before the election is an extremely serious threat to the future of the province,” he said. “It would appear to be a blatant grab for funds and control of the province by the O’Neill Government.” It also further threatens Western Province control of its own gasfields, in particular P’nyang, which have become the subject of takeover attempts by Southern Highlands Province interests. Hundreds of millions of

Sir Mekere calls for constructive public debate on issues and policies - media release

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today suggested the development of a national agenda for discussing Papua New Guinea’s problems, and for finding solutions. “The time for whispering, for speculating, for telling stories, and for fear, is over,” he said in a speech to more than 500 guests at an Independent Team dinner in Port Moresby tonight. “My intention tonight is to set an agenda for a national conversation. I ask every concerned Papua New Guinean to think and openly talk about our future.” The audience, of like-minded people who want to form an honest and effective government after the election, came from a broad spectrum of PNG society. It included members of the business commun

Sir Mekere calls for constructive public debate on issues and policies - speech

I welcome you all and thank you profoundly for your donation of time and money to help me and other successful Independent MPs to join forces with like-minded political parties to form an honest government. None of the money will be used to fund my own campaign. Tonight’s gathering is not to raise millions of Kina, like other parties have done. Nor to entertain you with stars flown from Ireland or other continents. The tables and seats are priced at a level that working people and small businesses might afford. My intention tonight is to set an agenda for a national conversation. The time for whispering, for speculating, for telling stories, and for fear, is over. I ask every concerned Papua

Desperate PM looking for cash by selling Ok Tedi, Star Mountains Plaza and Apec Haus to foreigners

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said reported attempts by the Prime Minister to secretly sell valuable public assets to foreign interests, if true, are a sign of his desperation for cash to save his sinking ship. “Ad hoc decision-making like this, not as part of a comprehensive package of rescue measures, will make the nation’s problems worse and reduce the options for properly considered reconstruction in the future.” “We are virtually in the caretaker government period, at which point no significant decisions should be made, especially decisions that rob shareholders and landowners of their rights and the general public of their assets.” Sir Mekere said he had been given reliable

Timing of Australian Prime Minister’s visit is inappropriate

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today the proposed visit to Papua New Guinea by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is hard to fathom at this time, on the eve of PNG’s national election. Mr Turnbull came to office in September 2015 – over eighteen months ago. In all that time, he has visited many countries, all over the world. He has not found time to visit Papua New Guinea, one of Australia’s most important neighbors. Why come now? What is so important now that cannot be dealt with by officials? “The two Prime Ministers met in Australia a few weeks ago,” Sir Mekere said. “They have met countless times at APEC, Pacific Islands’ Forum Leaders’ meetings, UN meetings,

Latest revelations expose the depth of PNG’s crisis

Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta said today the skeletons in the closet that the Prime Minister has been trying to hide have now been laid bare for all to see. “Mr O’Neill can no longer pretend that everything is OK,” Sir Mekere said. “He must drop the spin and the deception and let the people of Papua New Guinea know the full scale of the economic and financial disaster that he has caused.” Sir Mekere said Friday night’s speech by the Treasurer, Patrick Pruaitch, and the release at the same time of the 2016 Final Budget Outcome, demonstrate conclusively that the Prime Minister has been misleading the nation. “Everything that I have been saying for the past five years, along with Opp


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