Hanuabada disaster

The Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, said today he shared the pain of the families in Gunina, Hanuabada, who lost their homes and property in the fire that swept the area at the weekend. Fifteen houses were completely destroyed by the fire, twelve were partially destroyed and over 200 families were directly affected. Sir Mekere said his office and Hanuabada election co-ordinators were working with the Central Disaster Committee to ascertain what needed to be done and to find resources to help the families. He said that unfortunately the electorate had not been given any electoral funds, including DSIP, so far at all, so his office had no financial resources to help. Sir Mek

PM's constant abuse of legal process

Papua New Guinea is sick and tired of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s constant frustration, misuse and abuse of legal processes. “What is Mr O’Neill’s problem,” former Prime Minister and MP for Moresby North-West Sir Mekere Morauta asked. “He has gone to the most extraordinary lengths to avoid having a conversation with the Fraud Squad on a significant corruption matter, the investigation into which he himself started. “The arrest warrant was only issued because the Prime Minister refused to meet the police to have that conversation. “Since then he has gone to court umpteen times, appealing every decision along the way, three years of politicking, legal roadblocks and police sackings. “He had

PM, just hand yourself in

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill should just hand himself in to police instead of abusing the legal system any more, former Prime Minister and Member for Moresby North-West Sir Mekere Morauta said today. “Enough is enough. Judge Collin Makail’s words are crystal clear: the arrest warrant is not reviewable,” Sir Mekere said. “The request to overturn it by the Police Commissioner is ‘an abuse of process’, according to the judge. “It is time to do the right thing and the responsible thing for the nation and for the Office of the Prime Minister. Go to the police and allow due legal process to take place. Justice will always prevail in the end.” Sir Mekere said Papua New Guineans are sick and tired o

2017 Budget blow-out

Former Prime Minister and Member for Moresby North-West Sir Mekere Morauta said today that at last some members of the PNC Government have admitted that the Papua New Guinea economy is in difficulty. Sir Mekere referred to the media statement by Deputy Prime Minister and Caretaker Treasurer Charles Abel, who said that the focus of the government in its first 100 Days would be on “economic recovery”. Sir Mekere noted that this was an interesting admission and use of words by Mr Abel, because the Prime Minister has consistently refused to recognise that the economy is in recession, and has mismanaged public finances in such a way that has allowed the recession to intensify. “My advice to Mr Ab


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