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Sir Mekere calls for people to support the Opposition

The Member for Moresby North-West and former Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, said today that the merger of PNG Party with the National Alliance was a very clear demonstration of the Opposition’s determination to do everything in its power to change the Prime Minister.

“Papua New Guineans must now stand up and take the opportunity offered by this merger to talk to like-minded Members of Parliament on the Government benches to work with the Opposition to replace the Prime Minister,” he said.

“We know that there are some very good Members on the other side, even in PNC, who want change as they know that this Prime Minister is not fit to run the country. They feel trapped by the Prime Minister’s net, and we want to assure them that there is a way out. We don’t want to change the Government; we want to change the Prime Minister. He is our common enemy.

“I am urging Papua New Guineans to come out and tell Peter O’Neill that Enough is Enough. He has been given enough opportunity – six years - to repair the country and change course from the path of destruction he has set. But we cannot put up with him any longer.”

Sir Mekere said it was a public shame that polio and leprosy had returned to Papua New Guinea; that there were drug shortages all over the country; that teachers had suffered a pay cut and that schools were closing.

The list goes on. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has the hide to order 800 vehicles for APEC, including luxury Bentleys and Maseratis, begging other APEC countries to fund this self-glorification project.

What about the people?

“Papua New Guinea cannot afford to host APEC in the manner it has,” Sir Mekere said.

“It has been used as an opportunity to pour K3 billion into a bucket with plenty of holes.

“I am calling on the Prime Minister to account for every toea he has spent on APEC. Papua New Guineans deserve to know. And I am sure the taxpayers of the APEC countries that have supported the hosting of this APEC would also like to know.”

Sir Mekere said the strengthened Opposition would bring extra focus on the problems with APEC, and more general issues brought about by Mr O’Neill’s corruption, waste and mismanagement.

“I am very happy to join National Alliance along with my PNG Party colleagues, and together work with like-minded Members on the other side to replace the Prime Minister,” he said.

“The National Alliance is a well-established party with a record of stability and competent management. It has some outstanding Members of Parliament in its ranks.

“PNG Party has a record of undertaking reform and restoring the country to good health following the havoc caused by a previous PNC government.

“The two parties combined bring an unparalleled set of skills and experience and provide the best hope Papua New Guinea has to repair the damage of the last six years.”


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